5 Tips That Could Eliminate A Chore Everyone Dreads!

Water Runs Downhill!

And the grass is green, and the sky is blue, but as crazy as it sounds, almost all gutters are mounted level with your roofline. This means, when it rains, your gutters will overflow, not because they are clogged, but because they aren’t mounted correctly.

Size Matters!

Most companies use 2×3 downspouts, because they are cheaper and easier to sell. However, 3×4 downspouts move twice as much water, and have twice as much room to flush debris. They are almost always worth the extra 25.00 to 50.00 bucks. You can also use a “Wide Mouth Adaptor” which flushes even more debris.

Screens Will Make You Scream!

Don’t waste money on screens, filters, mesh, or micro-filters. None of them work, and they are not really designed to be a maintenance free solution. Screens will actually create more work, with debris and limbs working into the mesh. Therefore, you will have to clean both the screens and the gutter! Save yourself the money and the trouble and ditch the screens.


Shields, Helmets, and Toppers: No I’m not talking about medieval warfare. I’m talking about a covered gutter system. While these do keep out leaves, they can be detrimental to the roof of your house. These usually come in four or five foot sections, slide up under your shingles and attach to the roof. Yes, this can result in voiding the warranty on your roof. In many cases water gets trapped in between the roof and the shield. This may cause the roof decking to rot. I have even seen water get inside the house, because of the shields. Save yourself the trauma and don’t use solutions named after medieval warfare to keep out leaves.

Practice Smart Home Improvement, And Dish Out the Dough!

Have you been plagued by wobbly ladders, and filthy gutters that need to be cleaned more often than a foul mouth child? Invest the money and get a covered gutter system that is attached to the fascia and not the roof. They are safer, mounted better, won’t impact your roof, and are truly 100% maintenance free. Yes, they really do work. Yes, they are a larger investment, but why spend money on something that won’t work and may even damage your home? Trust me, the companies that sell these gutter systems have financing options, and can make the project affordable for almost anyone. A ten thousand dollar gutter job is cheaper than falling off a ladder, and being injured.

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