Your windows are both functional and decorative. The fact that they affect your home’s comfort levels and atmosphere means you need to take extra care of them. At Burnett Windows, we install replacement windows. In this post, we discuss how we help solve common issues that plague your home’s windows.

How Burnett Windows and Siding Solves Common Window Issues

Shrinking Window Frames

At a certain point in your windows’ lifetime, the frames will begin to shrink. As a result, gaps form between the frame and the space where the window itself is located. This causes a laundry list of problems, primarily ventilation issues and a dip in your home’s energy efficiency.

Shrinking windows are a common problem in wooden frames as exposure to the elements often hastens this process. To prevent this, we recommend vinyl window installation. Unlike wood, vinyl is more resilient to sudden changes in temperature, allowing it to resist shrinkage and warping. Vinyl windows are also more resilient and relatively low-maintenance compared with engineered wood.

Window Insulation Problems

In some cases, a poor choice in windows often leads to insulation problems in your home. This is usually followed by a change in your home’s comfort levels alongside reduced energy efficiency. Poor insulation also often leads to condensation problems that, at its worst, will affect the overall performance of your existing windows.

If you’re encountering window insulation problems, fiberglass replacement windows are the answer. Compared with lesser materials such as aluminum, fiberglass insulates 800 times better.

This makes it the superior choice for super-insulating windows as it naturally preserves its overall window performance. It’s why it’s widely touted as a true long-term choice for window systems. Fiberglass also resists environmental damage, such as high temperature and corrosive seawater, making it ideal for warmer or coastal areas.

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