The current trends in energy efficiency is starting to show in home improvement planning as well. Using exterior door replacements, light-colored roofs, and replacing your heating and cooling are some of the things you can do for better energy performance. Here are other methods you can try as listed by Burnett Windows and Siding.

Energy-Efficient Home

Controlled Ventilation

A well-regulated airflow lets you control how air goes in and out of your home without the risk of leakage from your walls. Regulated use of furnaces, water heaters and cloth dryers also helps maintain your home's temperature. Additionally, you can install fans to help cool your home without spending too much money on air conditioning.

Cool Roofs

Having light-colored roofs is not only an aesthetic choice, but can also help you with energy efficiency for your home. Having a "cool" roof lessens the light absorbed by your roof, which reduces the amount of heat that seeps into your interior. For added protection, we can also offer you a gutter guard installation to lessen the stress on your roof and extend its life span as much as possible.

Exterior Paint

Having a fresh layer of paint on top of your home's door adds a layer of insulation to your home. You can choose to have a light-colored paint to help cool down your home. When deciding, however, take note where your home is located to know which paint or color best suits your walls.

Window Treatments

Using replacement windows and other kind of insulation like drapes will deter any heat from leaking into your home. Determining what materials and color will be used is important to make sure your home is efficient in controlling your home's temperature and match its overall decor.

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