Sometimes, it's hard to discern which project is feasible from the hundreds of remodeling inspiration you see online. While installing a luxurious patio door might not be the right time, some projects, like a gutter guard installation, should be one of your priorities.

Made Easy

Learn how Burnett Windows and Siding can help you prioritize which projects are important to make a realistic budget.

Get a Rough Idea of Your Project

To kick off your budget plans the right way, it's a good idea to know how your project should happen. Get an idea of whether your project is large- or small-scale and how long it would last. Ask yourself if you have such time. Try to deduce an estimate of what you want before settling down on a solid concept.

Figure Out Their Cost

After figuring out your project, browse resources to get a ballpark figure of how much these renovations will cost. Asking pertinent questions works wonders. For example, does an exterior door replacement cost more than that of windows? Which brings more value, vinyl or fiberglass windows? Answer these budget questions at this stage.

Get Quotations

After learning how much these projects will cost, it's time to hear from your potential contractor. Before asking for quotes, you must have already finalized what you want so you know where you stand once the bidding begins. If you're in doubt of your contractor's track record, you can ask for references and testimonials from previous clients to see how reliable they are.

Stick to the Plan

When the project begins, it's important to stick with what you have originally planned. For example, ordering for additional replacement windows midway through the project, when they’re not in the original estimate, might cost you more than intended and could even delay the main project even further.

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