An industrial-inspired interior has been making waves in the home improvement field, but the best and simplest style from this trend is using black frames for replacement windows. You can’t just use it haphazardly, however. Burnett Windows and Siding discusses a few ways to do so effectively.

Windows Effectively

Standing Out

If you want your frames to have a little accent, black window frames can do this. They are made to stand out in every home decor by outlining and emphasizing them due to the contrast. Black frames can mix with other colors and can make them look more sophisticated.

Black frame windows can also be a focal point of the interior. The black outline naturally draws the eye and can give the room a stylish centerpiece. Install a black frame to highlight a window or for visual sleight of hand, such as when you want to keep the eye from lingering on a bad interior design choice or worn furniture.

Blending In

Black frames have the amazing capability of both standing out and blending into your home with proper installation. Your fiberglass replacement windows coated in a black frame can connect your living room together. Black shades produce an artificial shadow which can be used to your full advantage.

Matches Any Decor

Whether your home is modern or traditional, black frames can fit any home decor. Since black is a universal color, it has been used to express elegance across time. They can match any home setting and can increase its appeal when properly used.

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