Every home needs the right windows to fit their style and each window can be made up of different materials, including their frame. Choosing the right one for your replacement windows is crucial. The ideal one can match your style and boost your home's curb appeal. It can also cut energy costs and maintenance.

window frame materials

Burnett Windows and Siding discusses the four most common types of window frame material.

1. Vinyl

One of the most common frame types is vinyl. It’s a popular choice thanks to its energy efficiency, durability, low maintenance and variety in style. Keep in mind that vinyl window installation is easier due to the affordability of the material.

2. Aluminum

While aluminum is probably the most common window frame, it is also the least energy efficient. Aluminum is a great conductor of heat and cold. therefore it is not very energy efficient. It is very rigid and great option for commercial applications, but not always the best for a residential setting.

3. Wood

A popular choice due to its traditional look, wood can be slightly more expensive, but it offers a significant boost in curb appeal. Wood, however, is vulnerable to water, shrinkage, warping and swelling. Unless painted and refinished periodically, it will rot in a few decades.

4. Fiberglass

Fiberglass replacement windows are one of the most durable kinds. While they aren’t as common as other materials, they are strong and can survive with little to no maintenance. Fiberglass is also known to be resistant to weather changes. While other materials contract and expand depending on the temperature, fiberglass remains the same.

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