Making changes in your kitchen is a little more complicated compared to other rooms in your house because of so many things that have to be considered. It is a busy area, after all. Getting replacement windows for your kitchen requires careful planning. Your new kitchen windows have to be functional and at the same time a perfect match for your kitchen's design concept. Here are some factors for you to consider: What to Consider When Getting New Kitchen Windows Natural Lighting

You don't want to rely on artificial lighting all the time when you are cooking but you don't want to cook in the dark either. What's the solution? Having one or more large windows in your kitchen can make a big difference. Not only will big windows bring in all the natural light you need but it will instantly transform your gloomy kitchen into a warm, bright and inviting space.

You might want to consider getting an exterior door replacement as well if the one in your kitchen that leads to your yard is solid and dark. You can get a french door if you want to bring in more light to the room.

Air Circulation

You probably have a vent fan to absorb all the smoke and odor in the kitchen. However, that won't beat having kitchen windows that not only helps rid of any unpleasant smell, but also lets in fresh air and improves ventilation in the kitchen. Make sure you go for the type of window that can be opened with ease.


Most building codes set a minimum of 12 inches for the distance between a range and a window. The reasons for this are obvious: You don’t want your windows to catch fire from the stove. You also do not want the risk of a breeze blowing out the flame from a gas stove and letting gas accumulate unnoticed as this can lead to an explosion.


Your new windows should not only be functional. They should look great, too! It's best if you can have your kitchen windows customized so they'll fit your needs perfectly. You might want to consider having horizontal windows in lieu of tiles to serve as your sink backsplash. This could be a great way to bring in sunlight right where you need it and it will look amazing, too.

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