Is the outside of your home looking less than its best? When the siding is dented and loose and the windows are cracked and peeling it dramatically impacts curb appeal. Not to mention leaving a way for wind, water, and animals to find their way inside the house.

But, you may be wondering which area of the home exterior to focus on first. Should you tackle the windows or get siding replacement? Burnett Home Improvement can help you with the decision.

If You Must Choose Between Windows or Replacement Siding

Burnett Home Improvement understands the challenge of maintaining your home on a budget. Homeowners would like to take care of everything that needs replaced or repaired at once, but that’s not always possible. If you need to take care of one home remodeling project at a time, it’s better to start by replacing the windows.

Our contractors may need to cut away parts of the siding and trim in order to install your new windows. This is because windows are usually installed with a plastic moisture barrier that extends underneath the siding. No homeowner wants to see brand new siding cut into and potentially damaged. By installing replacement windows first, you’ll prevent the potential damage to your new siding later.

Also, when contractors install the siding there is a risk of damage to the metal caps on your window frames. Most contractors will simply replace the damaged metal caps when finished installing the replacement siding. There is no reason to waste the effort of replacing metal caps on old windows that are going to be removed anyway. 

When You Can Do Both

We always recommend replacing both the windows and siding at the same time to prevent damage to either and to save you time. If you want to replace those older windows eventually, consider getting new ones while during a siding replacement project. The same goes for replacing the siding at the same time you are updating the windows. 

It may cost more initially, but this choice gives contractors the chance to install a moisture barrier with your windows and properly install the metal caps on your window frames after the siding is nailed onto your home. Replacing both also serves as a complete home exterior remodel that will certainly boost curb appeal!

Considering the Condition of Each

It’s also important to consider the condition of your siding or windows before choosing which to replace. The part of your home that is most damaged should be prioritized to protect the rest of your property from further harm. 

Try not to worry about potential issues that could come later from replacing the siding before the windows. If the siding needs it, your home will still benefit. 

Hiring a skilled Tulsa siding company is one way to avoid damage to your windows when updating the home exterior. Let Burnett Home Improvement show you what makes our services superior to others on the market. Simply give us a call or fill out our online form to set up a free, no-obligation consultation with an expert right away.