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Bob Watson

Bob Watson

Project Consultant

Favorite part of your job: The staff.

Hidden talents: I’m really artistic. I write poetry, songs. I paint. I cook. I’m like a hardcore chef, really into culinary arts. I’m into a lot of stuff. I have a lot of interests.

Dream vacation: New Zealand.

Spirit animal: Eagle.

Hobbies: Studying Native American culture/religion.

If you could spend time with anyone who would it be? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

What is your definition of success? Discovering yourself. Understanding who you are and how you fit into the world.

If you could time travel, when and/or where would you go? Back to the very beginning. The creation of the earth.

In a movie about your life, who would you want to play you? Joaquin Phoenix. 

Childhood nickname: Cas. Short for Casanova, casarola. There’s so many of them.

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