If you are concerned that your windows are wasting the cooling and heating energy your home is producing there are some simple checks you can do around your home. At Burnett Home Improvement it is our goal to help as many homes stay as energy efficient as possible through excellent quality window replacements. This guide will help you decipher if your windows are leaking. Do not hesitate to call us if you need a second opinion!

Home Pressure Test Kits

One easy way to check your home for air leaks includes a do-it-yourself home pressure test. To start you will need to seal off your home by closing and locking all of your doors. Your next step will be to turn on all the exhaust fans throughout your home and closing all the dampers and vents. Finally, you will take a burning incense along all your windows. If you see air moving that means there is a leak at that location in your window.

Visual on Physical Clues Your Windows are Leaking

You can also inspect your windows visually for issues that cause window leaks to happen. Start on the outside of your home and look for any rotted wood on your window frames. This can show as a crack in the window frame or as off joint windows that do not close properly. Another sign that your window seal has failed is physically feeling drafts coming through the windows as you walk by. You may feel this every now and then or all the time! You should not be able to stand by your window and feel the outside temperature. This is a telltale sign that you need new window replacements.

Our window replacement company would also suggest you check to see if you can visually see daylight around your window frames. This fix is definitely letting air escape your home, but it may be a simple fix with caulking. You should also not be able to rattle your windows, every window if installed properly will not move when secure. The last big sign our team has for you to check for would be water damage. If you are able to see anything from dampness to puddles accumulating after a rain fall outside this is an issue. Any kind of water damage around your windows is a sign to call a window replacement company as soon as possible.

Find the Perfect Window Team

If you have found issues with your windows through your own inspection, it is time to call a professional window replacement company. Burnett Home Improvement would love to help you. We work hard in the Tulsa and Northwest Arkansas areas. If you are having an issue, pick up the phone and call today for a free quote.