Sometimes the biggest problem is right in front of you. In this case, we’re talking about energy bills. Your home could be inefficient when it comes to temperature control, thanks to your doors and windows. This can lead to higher bills.

Signs Your Windows or Doors Are Energy Culprits

Burnett Windows and Siding lists a few signs to help you determine if your windows really are leaking.


Stand next to the door or window in question. Ideally, you shouldn’t be feeling any breeze coming through. If you do feel a draft, there is an air leak and you’ll need a window or an exterior door replacement.

Incoming Sound

Apart from thermal insulation, your windows and doors should insulate you from sound. Both can be damaged by leaks. If you hear a car down the street like you were actually beside it, your window or door could be faulty.

Frame Damage

Your doors and windows need working frames. They are responsible for their structural integrity and for keeping the products in place. If you see cracked or dark-stained frames, you’ll need replacement windows or doors.

Higher Energy Bills

While this may not be as obvious, it’s an important sign that your home is not energy-efficient. If your energy bill is getting higher, consider inspecting your doors and windows.


You might not have a leak during the summer, but the shift to winter can make your windows contract. The biggest clue is condensation on your window glass. Your windows shouldn’t have water droplets or fogging inside the glass, between the window panes.

As your local home improvement contractor, Burnett Windows and Siding can help. We offer high-quality inspections and we can check each part of your home for potential problem areas. This way, you can identify more causes that affect your energy efficiency. We also offer other home improvement services, such as gutter guard installation.

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